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Crossroads is proficient in Spillman GIS Geo Databases and Spillman Flex CAD systems and can help you maintain connectivity with initial responders and nearby jurisdictions utilizing the integrated law enforcement dispatch software and CAD mapping solutions provided by Spillman Flex. Effortlessly exchange call data, include extra fields of expertise, and ensure all involved parties are notified and kept abreast of developments.

Motorola Solutions Flex Services

Having access to thorough and precise information can be the determining factor between survival and fatality when a call is received by an emergency dispatch center. Spillman Flex’s combined law enforcement dispatch software and CAD mapping solutions can facilitate rapid deployment of appropriate resources to the correct locations.

Spillman Flex has been a dependable provider of integrated software solutions and exceptional customer service for over three decades, catering to public safety professionals. A constituent of the Motorola Solutions Command Center Software suite, Spillman Flex furnishes users with a seamless workflow, from call initiation to resolution, and smart features that enhance their productivity. Currently, Flex is employed by approximately 2,000 police departments, sheriff’s offices, communication centers, fire departments, and correctional facilities across the country.

Our capabilities

  • Complete Setup: of Spillman / Motorola Flex Integrated CAD system
  • Training: Internal dispatcher and personnel training to ensure proper adaptation to software and its capabilities
  • Database optimizations: Optimization of current Spillman CAD setup and GIS databases
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Crossroads provides both on-site and virtual technical support and maintenance of GIS Databases and Integrations
GIS CAD Capabilities

quicker database updates

At Crossroads GIS Solutions, we set ourselves apart through our commitment to rapid and efficient database updates. Unlike our competitors who typically operate on a quarterly update schedule, we pride ourselves on completing database updates within a span of two weeks or less. This approach is rooted in our fundamental belief that the more protracted the period of data inaccuracy, the higher the potential for compounding issues and, in worst-case scenarios, preventable loss of life. Our swift update cycle allows us to address and correct discrepancies in data promptly, thereby maintaining the integrity of our systems and enhancing the effectiveness of emergency response. This forms a cornerstone of our operations, reflecting our steadfast dedication to superior service and public safety.

Case Study

In our case study, we explore how Crossroads GIS Solutions propelled a county-wide dispatch system from underutilization of their Spillman Software to achieving outstanding operational efficiency. Read on to discover the transformative power of customized Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions and how these enhancements culminated in substantial cost savings, improved decision-making times, and heightened safety measures.

How Crossroads Compares

Crossroads has invested in the training required to fully understand Spillman technology — which saves you money out of your budget.

Crossroads GIS Solutions The Competition
The ability to work on your GIS data The ability to work on your GIS data
Uploads the data onto the arcserver and runs the processes in order to work with Spillman Most GIS companies will not load the data onto your servers because they do not understand the processes
As former SSAs with over 42 years of experience using Spillman, we work in Spillman tables to insure proper configurations between GIS and Spillman Flex Most GIS companies will not work directly within Spillman tables as they simply do not understand the technology
Experience and knowledge to identify and repair errors between GIS and Spillman Flex ourselves without having to contact Spillman Support, saving time and money When GIS data and Spillman issues arise, most GIS companies do not have the skillset to repair on their own and will need to rely on Spillman support, spending your valuable time
As former police officers who served as firefighters and EMS personnel, we possess a unique perspective on navigating the streets to locate emergency sites. Our expertise allows us to proactively anticipate the mapping requirements of your public safety collaborators. Most GIS agencies do not understand the wants and needs of public service agencies and their employees

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