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Experienced and knowledgable in Motorola Flex, Spillman Technologies’ Classic, Sentryx, and Geovalidation Geobase Mapping Services. We provide the missing link between GIS software and Spillman software increasing public safety and efficiencies for your 911 dispatch. We are also proficient in CentralSquare CAD systems.

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When a call comes into an emergency dispatch center, access to comprehensive and accurate data can be the deciding factor between life and death. We prioritize swift database updates within two weeks, unlike competitors’ quarterly schedules, thereby reducing potential issues and enhancing emergency response effectiveness by swiftly addressing data inaccuracies.
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We were put in contact with Mike and Neil (Crossroads GIS Solutions). I cannot express how helpful, quick, and understanding they are about how things actually need to be in a communications center. They completely understand what we do and how important it is. Things are resolved in minutes instead of weeks. Thanks to your wonderful company! We are excited to continue on this journey with you all!

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