GIS Managed Services

Let Crossroads help you maintain connectivity with initial responders and nearby jurisdictions through a unified dispatch and mapping system. Effortlessly exchange call data, include extra fields of expertise, and ensure all involved parties are notified and kept abreast of developments.

Central Square CAD System Solutions

CentralSquare Technologies has quickly become a leader in public safety and administration software and serves over 8,000 North American entities, ranging from the largest cities to towns of all sizes.

Crossroads has become proficient in Central Square’s offering and is a full-service provider of managed services for Central Square clients including: full setups; analyzing and optimizing your data integrations to find inconsistencies and errors that could be costing lives; and finding efficiencies that will save time and money. 

GIS Managed Services for Local Government & Municipalities

Building and maintaining trust within your community begins with a clear commitment to transparency, an aspect we prioritize in our tailored GIS solutions at Crossroads. Our specialized services are designed to meet the unique needs of local governments and municipalities, employing a broad range of advanced software platforms to deliver results.

Understanding the interconnected nature of governmental departments, we focus on creating streamlined communication channels that foster collaboration and efficiency. By organizing your critical data and delivering information through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, we empower your teams to make informed decisions that positively impact your community by saving time, money … and lives.

CentralSquare GIS Managed Services

Next Generation 911 Proficient

Crossroads GIS Solutions is a pioneering force in the area of Next Generation 911 (NG911) call tracking and routing systems, a critical tool for effective emergency response. We are proficient in deploying and managing state-of-the-art NG911 systems, which are designed to handle voice, text, and data sent over IP networks. This modern approach to emergency services ensures seamless, swift, and reliable communication, which is crucial in saving lives during emergencies. Our expertise extends to location accuracy, enabling precise call routing to the correct public safety answering points, thus minimizing response time.

Moreover, Crossroads GIS Solutions is adept at integrating GIS (Geographic Information System) technology with these NG911 systems. This capability enhances location identification and precision routing, thereby bolstering the effectiveness of emergency response systems. The GIS data management services we offer are critical to maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data, which is vital for NG911 systems to operate effectively. 

quicker database updates

At Crossroads GIS Solutions, we set ourselves apart through our commitment to rapid and efficient database updates. Unlike our competitors who typically operate on a quarterly update schedule, we pride ourselves on completing database updates within a span of two weeks or less. This approach is rooted in our fundamental belief that the more protracted the period of data inaccuracy, the higher the potential for compounding issues and, in worst-case scenarios, preventable loss of life. Our swift update cycle allows us to address and correct discrepancies in data promptly, thereby maintaining the integrity of our systems and enhancing the effectiveness of emergency response. This forms a cornerstone of our operations, reflecting our steadfast dedication to superior service and public safety.

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