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Specialized Expertise.

Crossroads as a company has been active in the Geographical Information System (GIS) industry since July 2015. During this time, we have primarily served various local municipalities and have mastered working with ESRI software. Our main focus has been on using Motorola Flex, Spillman Technologies’ Classic, Sentryx, and Geovalidation Geobase Mapping Services.

Doing it Right.

We are well-versed in the use of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcServer, which are essential tools in the GIS field. To ensure that our knowledge stays up-to-date, we have been consistently taking training courses provided by ESRI. This has helped us to deepen our understanding of the software and its applications.

Getting it Right.

Our core value of doing work the right way the first time reflects our commitment to quality and efficiency. We not only save time and resources, but we also demonstrate our respect for our clients, colleagues, and the work that we do.

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Our History

Why Crossroads Was Founded

Established in 2015 by founder Michael Chapiesky, Crossroads GIS Solutions has made significant strides in the field of GIS. Prior to this entrepreneurial venture, Michael retired from a suburban Chicago police department and transitioned to a role as a trainer for Spillman Software. His area of expertise was imparting GIS training to new entrants to Spillman, a position that had him traveling extensively across the United States.

Michael soon noticed a gap in the market – many smaller agencies lacked dedicated personnel for the maintenance of their GIS databases. Trained staff often either forgot their training, retired, or were too busy with other tasks to commit sufficient time to the GIS databases. Identifying this unmet need, Michael devised a plan to establish a cost-effective solution that would cater to these crucial GIS service requirements.

Starting with a northern Wisconsin Sheriff’s office, Crossroads GIS Solutions quickly expanded its reach. As the business grew, Michael enlisted the help of his former colleague, Neil Sexton, a recent retiree from the same police department. Neil’s expertise as a system administrator for a shared agency Spillman server, combined with Michael’s specialty in GIS, created a comprehensive solution that was much needed in the market.

GIS CAD Capabilities

Helping Small Agencies to Large Counties

Currently, Crossroads GIS Solutions continues on a trajectory of expansion, having established a presence in 10 states with almost 30 clients. Our clientele ranges from small agencies serving a single police department in a town of 5,000 residents, to large counties with over half a million residents and a 911 center that dispatches for multiple police, fire, and EMS agencies. To accommodate this growing client list, we have consistently brought on board additional staff, often with prior experience in Spillman or public safety.

Our team maintains proficiency in GIS and Spillman / Flex software. We frequently present at both regional and state-level user groups and continually further our knowledge through ongoing training. Michael recently achieved the distinguished GIS Professional (GIS-P) certification, a testament to our commitment to excellence in this field.

At Crossroads GIS Solutions, we stand ready to partner with you on your GIS projects, delivering the superior results you expect and deserve.

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